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Yellow Flowers

A wall of bright yellow wildflowers stopped me in my tracks.  Even the seed pods were dramatic!  Granted, yellow is a cheerful color in and of itself, but on the flowers of this plant which appeared to be growing and blooming with nothing short of wild abandon…wow!

I was smitten!


Wild Wave

To paraphrase Forrest Gump…Photographing waves is like a box of chocolates:  you never know what you’re going to get.

I’m clearly a diehard foodie, because in this wave I see not only some milk chocolate browns, but also some frothy whipped cream whites and a splash of curacao blues!

What do YOU see?

I have yet to decide for myself what kind of birds turkeys are:  brilliant, or stupid.  I see a number of wild turkeys on my travels through the US.  They always seem like they’re just moseying along, not paying attention to anything.  Great, I think, a photo-op!  But no sooner do I try to get into position to shoot them, than they run away and take cover in tall grass or brush.  If I was a hunter, these turkeys would be dinner.  Being a photographer, getting a “clean shot” is harder.  I’ve got lots of images of well camouflaged turkeys!

So I still don’t know whether turkeys are brilliant or stupid birds.  All I know is that they’re smarter (and faster!) than me!