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You can keep your tequila sunrise.  A clearing rainstorm just before sunset created just about every color of the rainbow in the sky, except for green.  And that’s where Mr. Saguaro steps into the picture and completes the color spectrum.

With scenery like this, isn’t peyote redundant?


Painted in Waterlogue

This saguaro had an unusually straight and symmetrical trunk.  It was REALLY tall, so I decided to capture only a portion of it, because I just love the patterns that the ridges and the needle clusters make.  I later used a couple of apps to turn the image into a watercolor portrait.

Two Saguaros

Two mature saguaros stand tall in this desert landscape.

Young Saguaro-2


Arborescent means “tree-like.”  It’s a means of classifying cactus species.

The saguaro takes a long time to develop arms (cactus branches), and not all of them do.  Arms may not start to form for as long as 50-100 years, and not until a saguaro is about 12 feet tall.  A saguaro may live 150-200 years, maybe more.

This saguaro has recently begun to sprout arms, which makes it an adolescent in “cactus time.”

Hence, an arborescent adolescent!


Saguaros trip me out.  The variety of sizes and shapes is incredible.  Each is unique.  They are so huge and so…improbable.  And so randomly scattered across the landscape.  You’ll find two growing side by side, and then the next closest one is 50 feet away.  Go figure!

By wandering and finding a pleasing arrangement of the saguaros in your viewfinder, you can add real depth to an image.