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Himba Woman Dreamy

While it may appear at first glance that this beautiful young Himba woman was posing for this portrait, that wasn’t the case at all.  In reality, she was busy grinding maize in her hut, and I caught her in between strokes!


Painted in Waterlogue

This saguaro had an unusually straight and symmetrical trunk.  It was REALLY tall, so I decided to capture only a portion of it, because I just love the patterns that the ridges and the needle clusters make.  I later used a couple of apps to turn the image into a watercolor portrait.

I attended another successful BAN (Bad Art Night) last Friday evening (though I’m only just getting around to posting about it).

(For more about Bad Art Night, see my previous posts on the topic, and/or google it, and/or go to , and/or do all three!)

One of our enthusiastic participants, K-Dub, introduced some of us to a new (to me) painting technique.  It involved taking a page from a newspaper or magazine, painting a thin coat of gesso (a primer used on canvases, wood, and other surfaces that will be painted over) over the entire image, and then selectively painting over the original image that shows through the gesso with watercolors…Badly, of course.  Sort of a coloring book for grownups!  Painting outside the lines is strongly encouraged (if not mandatory).

We used the fashion supplement from a recent NYT (New York Times).  Perfect faces and bodies airbrushed into hyper-perfection to make us mere mortals feel less-than…the only cure for this feeling, as you no doubt already know, is spending gobs of money on designer clothing and accessories, Botox treatments and, as we deteriorate–er, I mean age–nip-tucks galore.  Time to make these uber-gorgeous women (and men) Bad!

After watching Laura, our host, thoroughly…ahem…alter Charlize Theron, maybe not for the better (Honestly, can she get any better-looking than she already is?) but definitely for the Badder, she and K-Dub suggested I take a bash at it.

I only just learned which end of a paintbrush to hold a couple of months ago, and to not poke myself in the eye with it, so this was a bit daunting.  Paint a portrait?  Well, it was more like “paint over a portrait and create a new portrait”…and it’s okay if it’s Bad.  In fact, it’s expected.

I found an image of a model that was far too perfect.  Flawless skin, impeccable makeup, amazing hair…time to make her Bad.

I decided her hair could be “improved” with a brown tint, “wings” (all the rage when I was in junior high and high school!) and copious conspicuous blonde highlights…her lipstick was far too understated…her brown eyeglass frames needed to be black for greater emphasis…red “contacts” would give her a “Come hither (if you dare)” stare…her dress should be an eye-catching acid-green…nostrils weren’t REALLY necessary (better to have those clunky black frames mysteriously FLOATING on her face)…and hey, chokers are in again, aren’t they?

The result, as you can see, was Bad…very Bad.  I took her from Supermodel to “70’s Demonic Jersey Girl” in under sixty minutes.  Mission accomplished!

And you know what they say:  “Good girls go to heaven, but bad girls go EVERYWHERE.”  Let’s hear it for bad girls…and Bad Art Night!