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Grizzly Cub Play 2

The grizzly cubs entertaining themselves on this large driftwood stump while their mother was grazing alternated between playing nicely together and mock-fighting.  All of their “fights” seemed to be pretty tame:  gentle boxing and wrestling matches with an occasional playful nip thrown in for emphasis.  I never heard a squeal or yelp from either of them.

It’s a good thing they play gently because even though they’re young, their claws and teeth are already quite sharp.  Notice the choppers the cub on the left is sporting.  And yes, they’re both still nursing…OW!!!


Behind Her Back

A grizzly sow serenely grazes on grasses and sedges in a meadow, unaware of–or not caring about–her two cubs clowning around behind her back.

girl with doll 1

I spotted this little girl standing in a doorway in Havana.  She had a radiant smile, and was the total “girly girl” from head to toe.  Even her doll was “all dolled up!”

She loved showing off her doll, and posing.  I didn’t have to try to coax a sonrisa (smile) out of her.  A perfect model…  I love to photograph kids who aren’t camera-shy.  And she was quite happy to oblige me.

When kids are happy, they can’t hide it.  They don’t even try.  Love it!

girl with doll 2