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Fallen Palm

…into the ocean and there’s no one around to hear, does it still make a splash?


beach 4

This is the last in a series of night beach scenes I shot last December on The Big Island (Hawai’i).  Today’s image, as well as those from the last three posts, were all shot on one night by moonlight.  For the record, it was not a full moon, but roughly about half-full.  These were all 30-second exposures.

I didn’t really set out to do night photography per se that particular night.  Rather, a friend who lives on The Big Island and I were going to hike out to see and shoot the lava.  When we got to the end of the road, we couldn’t see much of a glow from the lava, and rather than “waste” a hike out and back, we decided to try again the following night.

So there we were at 3:00 AM, all dressed up and nowhere to go.  My friend decided to drive along the coast to show me some pretty beaches that visitors seldom find.  Since I had all my camera gear with me in anticipation of shooting lava, I shot some beach scenes instead.

Some people think there’s some trick to shooting these scenes at night.  Honestly, the adage of “90% of success is just showing  up” holds true here.  A tripod is a must.  It helps to have an eye for landscape composition.  Exposure is a little trial and error at first to get a well-exposed image with as slow an ISO as possible to minimize grain.

I’m partial to 30-second exposures because I like very blurry water.  But you can certainly try a 10 or 15 second exposure and see if you like the results.

beach 3

Another image of a moonlit beach on The Big Island (Hawai’i).  This is the third in a series of four images.  Tomorrow I’ll explain how I found myself doing night photography at zero-dark-thirty on these beautiful shores…

palm tree silhouettes

I’ve heard you can tell the future by reading palms.  I looked up at these beauties waving in the trade winds and predicted warm days and balmy nights on a tropical island paradise.  And I was right.

Tomorrow I’ll try to get the Powerball numbers…

hula dancers

A group of hula dancers is dwarfed by the tall coconut palms they are performing under.  The palms fronds sway gracefully in the sky, and the dancers sway gracefully on the ground.  As above, so below…

cow and palms

This is a pretty typical scene in the Vinales region of Cuba:  a cow grazing in a field.  It’s not typical to see a cow with only one horn, however.  A unicow?

I wish I knew the back story and could tell you why this cow is the one-horned wonder.  I think she’s kind of sweet, despite her asymmetry…or maybe because of it.

Having only one horn makes her stand out from the herd.  Thus, I suppose you could say that she’s out standing in her field!