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beach 2

A 30-second exposure in the middle of the night is enough to give plenty of detail to this beachscape on The Big Island (Hawai’i).


beach 1

See if you can guess what’s unusual about this image I took on The Big Island (Hawai’i) last December.   The graininess is a clue…  

evening sea

If I had to pick my absolute favorite time of day for landscape photography, it would be that narrow window between day and night when long exposures are possible but there’s still enough ambient light to walk around without risking life and limb.  And my favorite place to shoot during that window is at the seashore.

This image was taken on Moloka’i last April.  The lava rocks anchor the bottom of the image, while the ocean above dissolves into a blurred mist-scape

I’ll be posting a series of late evening and early morning shots over the next few days.  I hope you enjoy them.


Shooting waves, in some respects, isn’t that different from shooting wildlife:  they’re both beautiful, they can both move quickly, and there is (if you’re lucky) that one perfect moment when the gesture happens and hopefully you manage to capture it.

I can shoot waves all day.  Like a snowflake, each one is different.  Each one is beautiful.  Each one has a perfection that is very short-lived.  The snowflake melts or freezes to another, the wave breaks and crashes on the sand or the rocks.  What was is no longer.  Did you see?  Did you notice?

A strong offshore wind blew the top of this wave into the air and made it look like it was dancing.  The photographer captured the image and also did a little dance of delight, albeit nowhere near as graceful as the wave’s!  Fortunately the second dance was NOT documented (as far as we know)…