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Lunar Eclipse April 2015

I’ll never get tired of watching lunar eclipses.  Even though I understand the science of what’s occurring, there’s still something magical and mystical about the event.

This morning’s eclipse peaked exactly at 5:00 AM in the San Francisco Bay Area. This image shows the darkest point of the eclipse.  There was still a sliver of light on the upper right edge of the moon that never disappeared completely.  I think folks in western Alaska and Hawai’i were treated to “true” totality…but we got the next best thing!

No complaints from this photographer.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I could use a nap!


Butternut Squash

There’s something about the shape of butternut squash that makes it a fun photographic subject. It has smooth skin and sensuous curves. And I like the interplay of light and shadow when shooting a grouping of them. It’s a great vegetable for some abstract, close-up play as well.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s also tasty? It’s delicious baked or grilled, and it makes a phenomenal soup!

Yup, I’m nuts about it for many reasons.

orange tulips open

As tulips bloom, they open further and further.  Eventually they loose their “classic” tulip shape and become larger and flatter.  I love the way you can see all the detail in their petals, stamens, etc.  Mulit-hued tulips like these are especiallly beautiful when fully open, since you can see the color variations on the edges of the petals so much better.

Past their prime?  I think not!

Perhaps this IS their prime…

What do you think?


red tulips

Is it okay to yell “Fire!” in a crowded flowerbed?  These could well be the “hottest” tulips I’ve ever seen…

tulips and pansies

Wouldn’t this be a beautiful design for a carpet?  Hot orange tulips with bright yellow centers scattered among a bed of cool blue pansies…magic indeed!

desert sunset 2

Sometimes I get the feeling that Nature just likes showing off…

desert sunset

Although the sky was overcast most of the day, the sun broke through the clouds right at sunset and painted the sky orange, as the hills in the distance became “purple mountain majesties.”

So often, I get my favorite image(s) at the end of the day.

As Winston Churchill said:  Never, never, NEVER give up!


There’s nothing shy about a brightly colored hibiscus blossom almost as big as your head!  And if its size doesn’t get your attention, its colors will.  Bright red, orange and yellow against a background of dark green leaves WILL be noticed!

I don’t normally liket to shoot flowers “head on.”  I call these types of flower images “mug shots.”  But this bloom was so bold that it seemed appropriate to put it front and center.

This flower will catch the attention of every passing human, as well as bee. I’d say this sucker is virtually guaranteed to get pollinated…repeatedly!

Call it “survival of the showiest.”

Blue Boat Sunset

The sun sets on yet another perfect day in the islands.  This skiff is moored in knee-deep water.  I know that because I waded out to it to get this shot.  Oh, the things we do to get the shots we want!

I love that the colors of the boat echo the colors of the sky:  bright blues and orange/yellow/browns.  And it’s always fun to get an interesting foreground element in the sunset shots…they can be a little boring, otherwise.

And remember that we don’t need to put our cameras away at sunset…for me, that’s when the fun really begins!  I love shooting during twilight, and even at night.

I fudged the definition of “nautical twilight” a bit here.  Technically, it’s when you can’t quite make out the horizon, and it’s too dark to navigate safely, but not completly the dark of night.

For me, the skiff makes it a “nautical” image…

Orange Rose

Instead of a pumpkin, how ’bout a pumpkin-colored rose?  Wishing all who celebrate it a fun, frivolous, fantastic Halloween!