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Slope Mtn

The title of this post can refer either to the experience of gazing upon a massive mountain top…or the fact that said mountain was once at the bottom of the sea!

The sedimentary layers that make up this mountain were layed down millions of years ago, possible from the erosion of an even more ancient mountain, and then the entire formation rose at an intriguing angle, much faster on one side than the other…

Today, this mountain is eroding as well, and creeks and rivers carry its sediment into the nearby ocean.

Someday in the distant future, millions of years from now, this mountain will form new sedimentary layers at the bottom of the sea, and eventually those will sink and then rise into yet another mountain…

It’s recycling on a grand scale!


The various layers of this landscape beautifully line up from near to far:  cultivated crops, a newly plowed field, grassland and trees, a tall tree-covered butte in the distance, and a blue sky to cap it all off.

Each layer is almost equal in size.  Each is a different color and texture.  The combination shows the loveliness and the variety that is the Palouse.