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Himba Mother and Child

A young Himba mother and her infant share a quiet moment in the shade of a hut.  I love the serene expression on the mother’s face, and the sweet gesture of the baby’s hands and arms.  It reminds me of the classic “Madonna and child” paintings.


Great Horned Owls

Since I subjected you to dead baby whale posts two days in a row (no more, I promise!) I thought I would share an image today of a baby wild critter that’s alive and thriving.  Less than a mile from where the humpback calf washed up a few days ago, there is a pair of great horned owls that are raising two offspring.  Although the owlets can fly, the parents still keep close tabs on them when they’re away from the nest, and continue to feed them.

The tall eucalyptus trees make a perfect nesting site, as well as a good perch from which to survey the area.