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cactus branches

“Wild” does not apply to the growing location of the cactus (it was in a botanical garden) but rather to its appearance.

To me the sections look almost as if they were waving (though of course they weren’t).

Such a surreal plant!



What adjectives come to mind when describing heliconia?  Dramatic…eye-catching…head-turning…attention-grabbing…this plant screams “Look at me!” and won’t take “No” for an answer.

heliconia 2

A heliconia bract–don’t call it a flower–shot against a shady background really stands out!


Tropical plants tend to be big and bold, but even by their standards, this one steals the show.  Its size, shape and color makes it hard to ignore.  There’s nothing understated about this plant, which can easily grow over 10′ tall.

Feast your eyes on Heliconia!

big green leaves

There are leaves, and then there are these leaves.  The big one is about a yard long.  You’ll have to take my word for it, since there’s nothing in the image to give you a sense of scale.  A three year old child would be about as tall as the largest leaf.  For all I know, there may have been one hiding behind it!

Meet Philadendron gloriosum!

Japanese Glass Fishing Floats

It’s still possible to find glass fishing floats on the beach…I think.  I only found one in my life, in California almost 20 years ago, but that was the highlight of my beachcombing career.

I don’t know the providence of these, but I photographed them in Hawai’i, so it’s very likely that they were found on the islands.

Regardless, I thought this pair made a lovely subject, sitting on a windowsill and backlit by the early morning sun.

green sea glass heart

Once a shard of broken glass, most likely from the bottom of a beer or soda bottle, this chunk was sculpted by waves and rocks into a sweet heart shape.

I’ve collected sea glass most of my life, but have never found a piece like this.

Once a piece of garbage, and now a keepsake…

An emerald glass heart!

halawa rainbow

It only took a five minute shower to produce this pretty rainbow.  And the wonderful thing about Hawai’i is that it doesn’t just rain in April…you can expect rainbows any time of the year.

Bring on the rain!

tulips and pansies

Wouldn’t this be a beautiful design for a carpet?  Hot orange tulips with bright yellow centers scattered among a bed of cool blue pansies…magic indeed!

Cresting Wave

When conditions are right, a wave will make a perfect arch as it collapses.  Shooting late in the afternoon on a west-facing beach on Moloka’i, the waves were backlit by the setting sun, and seemed to be lit from within.

Isolating this section of wave, and freezing it in time gave it a somewhat surreal quality, didn’t it?

A split-second of geometric perfection collapsing into chaos, the smooth green water morphing into frothy white foam…

Every wave is unique, and I never get tired of shooting them!