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Blue Boat Sunset

The sun sets on yet another perfect day in the islands.  This skiff is moored in knee-deep water.  I know that because I waded out to it to get this shot.  Oh, the things we do to get the shots we want!

I love that the colors of the boat echo the colors of the sky:  bright blues and orange/yellow/browns.  And it’s always fun to get an interesting foreground element in the sunset shots…they can be a little boring, otherwise.

And remember that we don’t need to put our cameras away at sunset…for me, that’s when the fun really begins!  I love shooting during twilight, and even at night.

I fudged the definition of “nautical twilight” a bit here.  Technically, it’s when you can’t quite make out the horizon, and it’s too dark to navigate safely, but not completly the dark of night.

For me, the skiff makes it a “nautical” image…


evening sea

If I had to pick my absolute favorite time of day for landscape photography, it would be that narrow window between day and night when long exposures are possible but there’s still enough ambient light to walk around without risking life and limb.  And my favorite place to shoot during that window is at the seashore.

This image was taken on Moloka’i last April.  The lava rocks anchor the bottom of the image, while the ocean above dissolves into a blurred mist-scape

I’ll be posting a series of late evening and early morning shots over the next few days.  I hope you enjoy them.