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Yellow Tulip

I found these lovely tulips wrapped in protective plastic at a flower vendor’s booth at a Farmers Market. Since I couldn’t unwrap them, and I wanted an image of them from the side, my only option was to shoot them through the plastic wrapping.

I grabbed one quick shot, but didn’t think I would ever wind up doing anything with it…until tonight. Knowing I couldn’t make the plastic film completely disappear from the image, I played around with bringing it out instead.

I like the way the folds of the plastic resemble a sheer curtain, and how they echo the delicate folds of the flower petals.

In the end, I think the plastic enhances, rather than detracts from, this particular image.

Though given a choice, I’d rather not have anything between my lens and my flower subjects.


Peony Bouquets 2

This title will make sense if you saw yesterday’s post (Peonies, Please!, 07.17.14). The image in yesterday’s post was shot looking straight down on the blossoms, and this one is a lateral, or side view.

I think they’re gorgeous from either perspective!

Peony Bouquets

The variety of colors and shades of peonies, like roses, is almost limitless. They range from almost pure white to almost black (an ultra-deep purple-maroon, really). Reds, oranges, pinks and yellows abound.

Do you prefer to mix, or match?

calla bouquet

A profusion of callas stand tall and proud, reaching for the sky. These were for sale at a Farmers Market. I think they’d be beautiful by themselves, or in an arrangement with some other tall and elegant flowers…perhaps irises or gladioli?


Farmers Markets aren’t just for produce. In addition to wonderfully fresh fruits and vegetables, you can also pick up some lovely flowers to grace your table.

This bouquet has every color of the rainbow, and then some: red, orange (look closely), pink, yellow, green, blue and purple!

spring flowers

Why pick flowers when you can have a living bouquet like this?

Orange Rose

Instead of a pumpkin, how ’bout a pumpkin-colored rose?  Wishing all who celebrate it a fun, frivolous, fantastic Halloween!

tulips in window 2

A pretty Spring bouquet graces the window of a home in Amsterdam.


A cheerful bucket of sunflowers brightened a dark and overcast day recently in La Conner, Washington.  A roadside stand was selling produce and flowers, and I couldn’t resist shooting this display.  The yellow of the flowers, the blue of the bucket, and even the green of the shopping baskets all seemed to work so well together.

What is it about sunflowers that makes me happy just looking at them?  I know part of it is the color, but there’s also something so…flamboyant about them.  They just demand to be noticed.  They’re loud and proud.  They stand straight and tall, and they steal the scene from all the flowers around them.  They almost dare you to look at them and feel down.

These are flowers that can brighten even the darkest day.