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No Trespassing

Here’s a warning from an Alaskan resident who clearly values their privacy.  No wimpy little signs mounted on fence posts or tree trunks would do!  But the side of an abandoned vehicle makes a great billboard, doesn’t it?


Boundaries, edges, borders, lines of demarcation…I was struck by the variety of ways that sections of land used differently butted up against each other, usually without fences or other formal dividers, while driving through the Palouse.

The above image, for example, shows the edge of a field of wheat that’s green and growing bordering a field that’s mature and ready for harvest.  This boundary is color-coded for easy identification…

Here we have two green areas side by side, but I think you can readily tell them apart.  Besides the obvious height difference between the forest and the wheat field, the key here is texture, and I really like the contrast of the spiky, pointy evergreen limbs and needles with the (relatively) smooth surface of the wheat field.  If you look closely, you may be able to spot little hints of a fence dwarfed by the overhanging bottom branches of the pines, but the fence is really redundant in this situation, don’t you think?  It’s pretty easy to tell where the forest ends and the farmland begins.

And here we have a boundary that’s marked by both color and texture:  the plowed field butting up against the pasture.  Pretty obvious which section the horses prefer!

Color and texture again define the edges of the plowed and planted fields.  I like how this image divides neatly into (almost) perfectly level bands.  Six different sections of land, three plowed and three growing, alternate from the foreground to the distant ridge.

Finally, here’s a fence, barb wire no less, which also defines an edge, a property line, and a boundary (both real and metaphorical) that the property owner has posted.  Whether you’re dealing with property or people, it’s good to have clear boundaries to prevent misunderstandings.

A “no hunting” sign posted on a fence…it just doesn’t get any clearer than that.