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Himba Elder Woman

This is one of the elder Himba women I had the honor to meet and photograph last summer in Namibia.  It was really a privilege to be allowed to wander around the village for several hours, camera in hand, and document an ancient way of life.

Most of the shots I took were not posed, and all were taken with available light.  I don’t even carry a reflector, let alone flash.  This image was taken inside a hut.  Many of the huts had stick walls, like the one in yesterday’s post, which made for some challenging exposures.  In those huts I underexposed (usually 2/3rds of a stop) to prevent hot spots.  Some of the huts had solid walls, where the only source of light was sunlight streaming through an open doorway.  Some of my favorite images of the day were made with that dramatic sidelight.

I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know the Himba people through my eyes over the next few days…


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