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Rhino front

One distinct feature of the Southern White Rhino is its lips.  Doesn’t it look like this rhino had an appointment with Angelina Jolie’s cosmetologist for some collagen injections?

Those huge squared-off lips are designed for grazing on grasses (the rhino’s, not Angelina’s).  Looking at the lips of a rhino is an easy way to distinguish a White Rhino from a Black Rhino, since neither species is literally white or black.  Instead, both species can be grey or brown.

Unlike their pouty-lipped White Rhino cousins, Black Rhinos have pointy, triangular-shaped lips that are designed for eating foliage, specifically for stripping the leaves off of twigs and branches.

I’m endlessly amazed at both the big and small evolutionary modifications to different creatures’ anatomies that enable them to thrive in a particular environment!


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