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two rhinos front and side view-2

These two Southern White Rhinos decided to strike a pose straight out of a zoology textbook:  Rhino A, anterior view and Rhino B, lateral view.  One thing I love about rhinos is that they manage to simultaneously appear both fearsome and comical.  Although every inch a mammal, to me they have a prehistoric, dinosaur-like appearance.



  1. Wonderful shot of these curious-looking creatures. It almost looks like a couple after a spat that doesn’t want to look at each other (though they are still standing cheek-to-cheek).

    • Hey Mike,

      Is that the voice of experience speaking? 😉

      There were three rhinos in this group, and they all seemed to be getting on fine, which is probably a good thing when you’re close by in an open vehicle.

      I did get some cool images of rhinos sparring at a water hole the last night of my trip…no bloodshed, but some charges and pushing each other around. I’ll be sharing those eventually…

      Peace out,
      RPRT Photo

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