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Dannell Powell 3

If you’ve been following my posts for the past couple of weeks, you might think that this is yet another one of the interesting creatures I met in Namibia.  Not exactly…

I’m going to bring you back to the USA for a day or two, to California, to Santa Rosa specifically, to meet a fascinating, creative, prolific and “outside the box” artist named Dannell Powell.  No, that isn’t her above, but it IS one of her creations, Scary Bunny.  Bunny may look like a couch potato in that image, but believe me, the girl gets around!  She’s even been spotted in the company of a late, great Hollywood heart-throb!  Dannell has proof!

“What kind of proof?” you ask.  Photographs.  Dannell worked as a PI–yep, we’re talkin’ Magnum without the ‘stache–for 32 years, so I think she knows a thing or two about documentary photography.  I’ve seen the photographs.  I want to believe.

Photography is just one of the media that Dannell is adept at working with.  Here’s one of her fine art pieces, which is a digital blend of some paintings and some photographs, or photographs of paintings, or something like that.  How many photographs?  I think she said 15.  A lot.  I think it’s pretty cool.

Dannell Powell 1

Here’s the back side (pun intended) of one of her assemblage piece titled “The Bunny Guard.”

Dannell Powell 5

Yep, Dannell has a thing for bunnies (as well as a great sense of humor)…but also dolls, animal parts, tools, trolls, toasters…the list is long!  Too long to include in this post.

Dannell Powell 12

Dannell is also a writer.  She’s written 15 books that feature the adventures of a group of mannequins in San Francisco and environs.  The Mannequin Chronicles are filled with Dannell’s photographs of the mannequins in a variety of settings, including riding in a convertible (above), window shopping (looking through the plate glass windows at–you guessed it–other mannequins!) and even visiting Alcatraz!  For a sneak peak, visit

If you happen to be in Northern California this weekend, you can meet Dannell, as well as many other talented artists, at the final weekend of Sonoma County Art Trails, an Open Studio tour that takes place the second and third weekends of October, from 10 AM to 5 PM both Saturday and Sunday.  Here’s the link to Dannell’s page on the Art Trails site:

For an online catalog of the other 160 artists participating this year, as well as to find out where to pick up a paper catalog with map guides to the studios, visit

Temperatures this weekend are supposed to be in the mid-70’s, perfect for browsing both outdoor and indoor art studios.  I’m planning to go back myself.

And if you stop by Dannell’s studio, tell her RPRT Photo sent you!



  1. Thank you for all the kind words. Best to all, dannell

    • You’re most welcome, Dannell. 🙂

      It was a pleasure meeting you and getting to know you last weekend. Thanks for sharing your wild art! 😉

      RPRT Photo

  2. Bunny Purtescary is a well known and loved figure in our social circle 🙂

    • Yvette,

      We are known by the company we keep! 😉

      Party on,
      RPRT Photo

  3. I loves Dannell Powell’s workz – wasn’t aware of the website. Thanks for sharing. Powell is brilliant.

    • Thanks for your comments, Scout.

      Dannell impressed me on so many levels. I just had to share her creativity and brilliance with all my readers! 🙂

      With admiration,
      RPRT Photo

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