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crocodile swimming

The first predator I met on my recent trip to Africa wasn’t a lion, cheetah or leopard…it wasn’t a hyena or a wild dog…it was the lowly crocodile.  It was fun to watch them move slowly…silently…stealthily through the water…from the safety of a vehicle, of course!

Notice that there’s barely a ripple to indicate–from a distance, at least–that this isn’t a floating log.  Crocs can hold pretty still on shore as well.  I can imagine that it would be pretty easy to stumble upon one if you were walking along a lake or river.

Since I’ve come close to stepping on seals a few times while walking on the beach–they look like logs from a distance too!–I’m exactly the kind of person who should refrain from taking waterside strolls in Africa…and that’s no crock!


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