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Wildebeest Herd

Not much, what’s a gnu with you?

I’m not sure why that dumb joke stuck in my head since childhood, but stick it did.  Perhaps so I could use it in today’s post?

In yesterday’s post (“A Face For Radio, 10.03.14) I suggested that the humble warthog would win an “Ugliest Animal in Africa” contest, and the gnu, AKA wildebeest, would be the runner-up.  Today, as I look at the gnus in the above image, they don’t strike me as ugly as much as…awkward.

Their spindly legs look like they could barely support their huge, beefy torsos.  Their muscular shoulders and very thick necks resemble those of a football player who’s been playing with steroids.  The hair between their horns appears to be parted straight down the middle like a really bad toupee.  Their eyes seem to bulge out of their heads…and the scraggly goatee doesn’t add any style points either.

The gnu looks like it was cobbled together from spare parts at the animal factory!

And yet, there’s something oddly endearing about these creatures who look so silly.  Could they be growing on me?  Could I be falling under the spell of their bizarre charms?

Perhaps…now I see them as good gnus?



  1. Lovely photo =)

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