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Monthly Archives: August 2014

cactus branches blooming

The only thing stranger than some cacti is the flower that some of them produce. Take these little guys, for example. The tiny flower seems like an afterthought, and out of scale with the rest of the plant.

But don’t get me wrong: I like the delicate little blossoms that adorn the tip of these cacti like a necklace. It seems that usually, only one blossom blooms at a time, but I spotted several that have two open blooms. I wonder if this sequential blooming increases the likelihood that one of the flowers will get pollinated?

Also, I presume that whatever critter(s) pollinate these flowers are small enough to not get hung up on the spines?

This cactus was growing indoors, so I didn’t get to see any insects on it.

What I DON’T know about cacti could fill a book!


cactus branches

“Wild” does not apply to the growing location of the cactus (it was in a botanical garden) but rather to its appearance.

To me the sections look almost as if they were waving (though of course they weren’t).

Such a surreal plant!