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One of my favorite places to photograph is in botanical gardens. I also love arboretums, conservatories, nurseries, parks, and anywhere else where it’s someone else’s job to tend the plants…the yards of my green-thumbed friends also make the list!

A huge feature of gardens-tended-by-others is that they contain plants and flowers that are pretty, but too challenging for me to grow.

Orchids are probably at the top of my “Don’t try this at home!” list. I had some success with cymbidiums, which are among the easiest orchids for beginners to grow, and that was about it.

So I can’t resist the chance to shoot lovely, well-tended plants. It’s become such an obsession that any time I travel to a new geographical region, visiting a local botanical garden is imperative.

Yes, you could say that I’m fanatical about the botanical!


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