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Horse and Rider Silhouette

There’s been such a profusion of color in the series of posts about produce that it’s a bit jarring–to me, at least–to see a black and white image.

This is a shot I took back in 2005, shortly after I went digital, and before the big HDR craze hit. Photographing a backlit statue on a bright, hazy day with a totally white sky behind it just wasn’t working. Even though I adjusted the exposure settings for the strongly backlit statue, the details in the features of the horse and rider were still fuzzy and dull. I tried a few different camera settings, and then finally gave up.

Now, almost a decade later, it’s easy to tweak a few settings in some image processing software, and in under a minute, to create a more interesting photograph.

If you have any backlit images that have strong graphic qualities and would make good silhouettes, give it a shot. Through the wonder of digital manipulation, you can create several versions of an image, and decide which one you like the best.

Call it digital doodling!


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