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Tank and boy

“War is harmful to children and other living things.”

I’ve been trying to find the source of this quote online, without success, so there’s no attribution.  If you know who said it, please let me know.

Even though I condemn violence and war, I wish our military personnel, past and present, were treated better, both during their tours as well as after they return to civilian life.

And I hope that all Americans today paused, at least for a moment, to reflect on the purpose of the holiday that granted them a three-day weekend and marked the beginning of the summer season and made it okay to wear white without fear of retribution from the fashion police.

It’s to remember the fallen soldiers who gave their lives in the service of their country.

Perhaps you had a relative that died while serving, or a friend, or a neighbor…sadly, I’ll be just about everyone can come up with a name, or several names.

Pause for a moment and say a silent thank you, and wish them godspeed.  Send them good thoughts, positive energy, and/or a prayer.  After all, they’re really the same thing, when you think about it.  Just take a few moments to acknowledge their sacrifice.

That’s what today is really about.



  1. Amen. That truly is what Memorial Day is about.

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