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Gecko on Screen

Geckos are frequent visitors to Hawaiian homes, especially in the moister parts of the islands.  I love watching them climb up the walls and even across the ceilings.

This tiny one was climbing across the window screen of the cabin I was sleeping in one evening.  You wouldn’t think there would be enough surface area on a wire mesh screen for the gecko’s little sticky toes to grab onto, but as you can see, you would be mistaken.  This gecko had no trouble at all meandering across the screen.

This critter is holding what I call a classic gecko pose:  legs extended, toes splayed out, and tail artfully curled.  Even in a silhouette shot, its bulbous toes indicate that it’s a gecko and not another type of lizard.  Plus the screen lends not only some texture, but also scale:  you can guesstimate that this gecko is about three inches long.

And no, geckos don’t glow in the dark…the light from inside the cabin illuminated the gecko’s light belly and made it appear extra bright against the dark night outside the window.


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