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Moon Over Palm Grove

Even when you’re finished shooting the sunset–which by tropical standards was not that spectacular–and you’re moseying back to your vehicle with your camera gear and tripod in hand, it pays to look behind you.  Because there, almost as if to make up for the lackluster sunset, is a lovely new moon bathed in earthshine hanging over the palm trees.

You may be tired, you may be hungry, and you may already be happy with what’s on your memory card from the day’s shoot, but it would be a crime to pass up such a lovely scene and not take at least one image.

While I usually shoot the moon with a long telephoto to make it larger in the frame, I took this shot with my zoom set around 100mm in order to get a large grouping of palm trees in the image.  Since I was shooting through a palm grove, the challenges for me were twofold:  to get some pleasing silhouettes of the palm trees as well as to find an opening between the palms that showed off the moon with some sky around it.  I did a little dance at the edge of the palm grove with the camera on the tripod until I found a view that met both criteria.

With the gentle tradewinds rustling the palm fronds, the sky turning lovely shades of turquoise and cobalt, and the stars beginning to wink on one by one, it truly was an enchanted evening.



  1. Thank you it is beautiful

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Thanks Linda,

    I’m glad you like it. 🙂

    RPRT Photo

  3. Always look back

    • Scott,

      You got that right! When I’m hiking, I’ll often turn around to scope out the photo ops behind me…and sometimes to see if I’m being followed by a bear. 😉

      RPRT Photo

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