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Grizzly morning silhouette

Bears don’t always show up under perfect lighting conditions.  This grizzly sow was out foraging for clams just as the sun was rising…behind her!  Since she was walking right on the edge of the water, there was no way to circle around to the other side of her to get the pretty golden morning light softly illuminating her orange-brown fur.

One solution was to turn her into a silhouette.  Her pronounced shoulder hump tells you this bear’s a grizzly.  And the simplicity of the image gives it a serene quality.



  1. I love the parallel lines, the silhouette, and the shadow. As you pointed out, the fact that the bear is positioned in a way that lets you identify it really helps–sometimes my attempts at silhouettes end up as amorphous blobs.

    • Thanks Mike. It helps to have the critters in profile, and it’s great when they have such distict shapes. Otherwise, they’re bear-ly recognizable. 😉

      RPRT Photo

  2. LOVE! Brilliant silhouette with fabulous lighting.

    • Thanks Robyn.

      Glad you like the image. 🙂

      RPRT Photo

  3. love this

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