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Grizzly Cub Play

These two grizzly cubs had a wonderful time climbing all over this overturned driftwood stump while their mother was grazing nearby in the meadow.  There were places to smell, and places to scratch, and there was bark to peel off…not to look for bugs to eat, but just for the fun of it!  There were roots to bend to see if they would break (some did, some didn’t) and still others to chew on…and best of all, you could climb to the high end and get a good look (and sniff) around.  Fun!



  1. What a privilege to witness – infant power

    • Tell it, Scott!

      Great fun to watch…AND photograph. The cubs were especially entertaining, but the sows also had their moments, especially when bathing!

      Thanks for checking in,
      RPRT Photo

  2. Those cubs are great.

    • Thanks Lyle.

      It was so much fun to watch them explore and interact with their environment…AND each other!

      A good time was had by all, bears and photographers alike. 🙂

      RPRT Photo

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