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Grizzly Cub eating clam

This grizzly cub had such a graceful way of holding and eating razor clams…I was enchanted!

I’ve seen some human kids in restaurants lately that could take a lesson or two from these cubs…

I posted another image of the same cub last week (“Play With Your Food!” on 10.06.13).



  1. So cute! Love the comment about kids in restaurants, couldn’t agree more. You could probably include a lot of adults in with that as well…

    • Thanks, J-A. 🙂

      You’re right, I can think of a few adults as well as children who could take table manner lessons from that cub! 😉

      It’s amazing how neatly the bears–both sows and cubs–can eat clams, as opposed to grazing on grasses. When grazing, they tend to let the grass stalks hang out of their mouths, and their lips also foam up a bit. Not at all appealing! 😛

      But the clams get eaten with a lot more finesse!

      RPRT Photo

      PS Love the graphics in your blog!

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