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If you’ve ever dug for clams in the mudflats, you know clamming is a dirty job.  And as you can see in the image above, it’s no different for bears.

This grizzly sow took her two cubs clamming every day that the tides were favorable.  They would spend a couple of hours at a time digging and eating clams.

The razor clams in this part of the Alaskan coast grow to be about six inches long.  The clams are the bears primary source of protein during the summer until the salmon begin to run.

Adult grizzlies can appear clumsy and ungainly while they’re walking around, but they can locate, dig up and open clams with the utmost grace and finesse.  There’s more dexterity in those huge claws and teeth than you’d think!



  1. Great picture and description .

    • Thanks Linda. 🙂

      I wish I had a video to post so you could hear the sound of the giant bear paws pulling the clams out of the soupy mud!

      RPRT Photo

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