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cub with driftwood

There was no way a bear cub could pass up this tempting piece of driftwood, despite the repercussions for not staying close to mom as she walked along the beach.  After all, it had cub-height branches to hang from and climb up on and bounce around on…it’s as if it was custom-designed to keep bear cubs entertained for hours!

Mom was having none of it, however.  She never slowed down as she was crossing the beach.  The cubs snuck in a few seconds of play, then had to run to catch up with mom again, who was in an unusually bad mood today, and not tolerating her youngsters’ mischievousness…much to the disappointment of both the cubs as well as the photographers!



  1. That’s a great pose. Too bad the grumpy mom cut the playing short.

    • Thanks Lyle,

      I was really hoping that one or both cubs would cliimb up on the drifwood and bounce around. They love playing on downed trees and stumps.

      Mom was a total party-pooper! 😛

      RPRT Photo

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