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sow chasing cub

Most of the sows I observed in Alaska last July emerged from their baths pretty relaxed, but this one was the exception.  No sooner did she get on land, then she chased down first one cub, and then the other, and gave each a stern reprimand.  I couldn’t tell what the cubs had done or not done that displeased her, but one thing was clear:  don’t get one of these critters mad at you!

It was good to see firsthand how fast an adult grizzly can run…seeing as how she wasn’t running at ME, that is.  For as fat, clumsy, slow and ungainly as they appear 99% of the time, they can sure cover some ground in a hurry when they want to!

It didn’t appear that she hurt the cubs, but she sure put some fear into them!

They don’t call them Ursus arctos horribilis for nothing!


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