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bathing bear 3

Humans aren’t the only species who enjoys bathing.  When the weather becomes too warm for their liking, grizzly sows enjoy a refreshing dip as well.

Tell me this bear isn’t having a good time…



  1. What a ballerina!

    • M,

      I was thinking more Esther Williams! 😉

      RPRT Photo

  2. So funny love the shape of the hand and foot I bet it’s refreshing!

    Sent from my iPad

    • Hi Linda,

      The sows certainly seemed to enjoy their baths on several levels, from the cooling effect of the water to (it seemed to me) the simple joy of relaxing and splashing about. Watching them, you could tell that they were totally “in the moment.”

      A good reminder for us all to take some time to indulge ourselves for a few minutes each day! 🙂

      RPRT Photo

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