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backlit bear

Bear are where you find them, and sometimes that means between you and the sun.  Sometimes the shots are disappointing, and sometimes dramatic.  In the case of this very blonde grizzly, her fur almost seems to glow around the edges when the sun shines through it.  And the backlighting really makes the texture of the grasses stand out as well.  

It’s not my best bear shot, and it’s not my favorite bear shot…rather, it falls into the category of “making the best of a bad situation.”



  1. lovely I missed this one until now..

    makes me want to roll around with this fuzzy bear!

    Linda how are YOu?

    • I know why you like this image Linda: it reminds you of your dog, who is roughly the same size as a grizzly, if not bigger! 😉

      I’ve been busy with several shows. No rest for the wicked! 😉

      RPRT Photo

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