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Grizzly eating sedge

Grizzly bears eat a lot.  They are omnivores, which means pretty much anything they find can be on the menu…including you!

Fortunately for me, the bears I observed had plenty to forage on in late July.  They were subsisting mainly on sedge (grass) and clams, as well as a smattering of berries and grubs.  In August they add salmon to their diet, to pack on the pounds in preparation for their long winter’s naps.

Sedge is a type of grass that grows in the meadows in Alaska, and it’s a crucial part of the bears’ diet.  Although not as nutritious as fish, it contains minerals which are essential to the bears’ health.

An adult grizzly can eat over 30 pounds of sedge in one day.  That’s about what the catchbag on my lawnmower weighs when it’s full.

If I only lived in grizzly bear country…I wouldn’t have to mow my lawn all summer long!



  1. Nice photo and I love the title! 😀

  2. Beautiful

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