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beach 1

See if you can guess what’s unusual about this image I took on The Big Island (Hawai’i) last December.   The graininess is a clue…  



  1. The exposure time?

    • That’s true, Ken, it was a 30-second exposure. There’s two ways to get that: shoot during the day with a multi-stop neutral density filter, or…

  2. Taken by moonlight

    Sent from my iPhone Ken Mahar

    • Yay, Molly, you got it! I deleted most I the stars so it wouldn’t be too obvious.

      Go to the head of the class! 🙂

      RPRT Photo

        • Kenneth
        • Posted July 22, 2013 at 13:55
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        I’m curious as to what else would give it away. I know of this photographer, Lutz Hilgers, who shoots cityscapes in moonlight. In his case, it’s easily noticeable because of the way buildings reflect a smaller/weaker source of light. In your image, I think the shade of the water – hinting at lack of luminance – might have been another clue, but I feel I’m missing something.

      • Hi Kenneth,

        Even though I deleted most of the star lines, you keyed into the blur of the water and leaves, as well as the darkness–or lack of transluscence–of the water.

        I would add that there’s also a much greater lack of detail in the shadows; they go to black very quickly.

        I checked out Lutz’ site, and his cityscapes are really cool. He uses a tilt-shift lens and also does some major processing. His city shots have an almost alien quality, with almost no light in the windows!

        Thanks for your comments,
        RPRT Photo

        • Kenneth
        • Posted July 24, 2013 at 06:02
        • Permalink

        Thanks for expanding on my thoughts here – the shadows are a very good point! Have a nice day.

      • My pleasure, Kenneth. 🙂

        RPRT Photo

  3. That is great! I totally forgot about the full moon, even if I took an interesting long exposure shot of it a few weeks ago. It is really interesting to play around with the moon ligth! So thanks for this great picture, you got me some ideas 😀

    • Hi Charles,

      That image only had about a half-moon, and it was behind a cloud!

      As you can see from my gravatar, I love shooting the moon as well.

      I look forward to seeing your new experiments! 🙂

      RPRT Photo

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