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Looking very much like a Hawaiian version of Munch’s “The Scream,” this is one of many ki’i (carved wooden figures) at Pu’uhonua o Hanaunau (Place of Refuge) on The Big Island in Hawai’i.

While not an exact body double (thank goodness!), he nevertheless accurately depicts my reaction to my hard drive crash earlier this week.  As Yoda would say, happy I was not.  I also said some things Yoda would probably never say, but I’ll leave those to your imagination so as to maintain the PG rating of this blog.  I wouldn’t want to make any of my sailor, trucker or Marine DI readers blush or squirm in discomfort.

The jury is still out on the state of the hard drive.  Any of my friends and acquaintances who have more tech-savviness than I do are being begged, cajoled and coerced into offering advice and/or making an attempt to get the !#%%&%^@$# thing working again.

Until that happens, you will seen an even stranger and more random series of images and posts than normal.  Go with the flow.  We’ll return to our usual strange and random offerings as soon as we are able.

Peace out.



  1. Commiserations. At least you can jopke about it! 🙂

    • Thanks TEBMF. Hard drive resuscitation measures are ongoing as we speak. I haven’t given up hope…yet!

      RPRT Photo

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