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canal reflection

I spotted this reflection of a building in a canal in Amsterdam.  It reminds me of an impressionist painting.  I’m quite smitten by Impressionism, and walking in the footsteps of some of the most famous impressionists in The Netherlands and France last April was incredibly inspiring.

Shortly after I got back to the US, I went to San Francisco to see the “Impressionists on the Water” exhibit at the Palace of the Legion of Honor Museum.  There are over 80 water-themed paintings on display by artists such as Monet and Renoir.

Most of the paintings had reflections in them, which is a favorite photographic theme of mine.  I loved seeing how each artist painted the subject and then rendered the aquatic reflection of that subject in their own style.  The reflections of boats, bridges, buildings,  trees, etc. varied from almost mirror images to barely recognizable, depending on the size and amount of ripples in the water.

I can’t help wondering how different painters would have rendered the reflection in the image above…


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  1. Actually, I think this would make an awesome quilt.

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