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girl in bike tent

On one of my early morning walks around Amsterdam, I found a busy street corner on which to stand and observe the commuters.  It was a great place to play around with panning on the bicyclists, if you didn’t mind an occassional bus, streetcar, truck and/or car coming between you and your subject.

This was one of the more interesting bikes that passed by.  As I stood clutching my camera in the bitter cold, I watched with envy as this young girl got chauffeured along, encased in a plastic cover which blocked the wind, yet allowed her to look around.  She appeared to be quite warm in her down jacket, and she didn’t have to worry about getting her hair windblown.  She could just sit back and watch the scenery and relax.

The pan isolates the girl in her enclosure from the surrounding street scene, emphasizes her cozy cocoon, and shows motion as well.      For a side-shot, I think it’s much more interesting than using a fast shutter speed which would artificially freeze the bike.  I also like having the background blurred out in this type of shot.

Eventually the desire for warmth and coffee won out over the desire for fun images, and the morning light got harsh, but it was fun while it lasted.



  1. I love this shot, and I love the bike. Great!

    • Thanks Dave.

      Dutch ingenuity strikes again! 🙂

      RPRT Photo

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