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rent a bike

…do as the natives do.  And when in Amsterdam:  ditto.  Bikes are as ubiquitous in Amsterdam as cabs are in New York.  They’re EVERYWHERE!  But is it possible to convey that without photographing the bicycles themselves?

One of the challenges I set for myself when traveling is to get images that give a sense of place without being overly clichéd.  I usually get the “postcard” shots as well, but more from a sense of obligation than excitement.  But when I spot an image that stops me in my tracks, I know I’m on to something.

On this daily early morning walk–“early” meaning I was out while the stars were too–I was blessed with crystal-clear skies.  By walking mostly along the east side of north-south running streets after the sun came up, I was able to capture some neat reflections in the shop windows I passed.  My “mirror” was in the shade and my reflecting subject was in the sun, bathed in soft, golden morning light.

Staying in the shade required some self-discipline, as it was terribly cold, and I longed to be in the sun for those extra few degrees of warmth.  But the shade-mirror reflections I captured were worth the shivers.


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  1. That’s a great challenge to try to avoid the cliché photos. I like your photo. Nice reflection.

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