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Good advice can come in many forms.  I’ve probably received as much good advice from fortune cookies and horoscopes as I have from parents, teachers and supervisors combined.  Maybe more…

So when I spotted this quote on a shop window, I had to pay attention.  I happened to be traveling on another continent at the time, and I was in fact in that particular country for less than 10 days, and in that particular city for less than a week.  So the “short visit” part was definitely true.

I wasn’t especially hurrying, but rather taking a leisurely VERY early morning photo walk.  I wasn’t worried about too much other than getting frostbitten fingers or finding a restaurant that served more than two ounces of coffee at a time.

As for smelling the flowers…well, that was one of the primary reasons for this voyage.  Okay, maybe not as much smelling as shooting, but flowers were supposed to play a starring role in this voyage…and they did!

So while this quote can sound quite generic to some of you, to me it was a personal message summing up my journey…and good advice.


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