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plumeria blossom


While I stayed on Moloka’i last April, my room was on the second floor.  It looked out over lush green fields and forests, deep blue ocean channels, and (when the vog wasn’t too thick) other islands.  It was a view to die for, as they say.

Below my window was the porch roof.  Next to the porch grew a tall plumeria tree.  Every morning I would wake up to find a fresh blossom lying on the roof outside my window.  Sometime during the day–I pretty much just used the room for sleeping at night–the morning blossom would blow away.  Every evening when I went to sleep, the roof was bare.

The following morning there would be a fresh blossom on the roof that had fallen off the tree during the night.  This happened all seven nights that I stayed in that room.

I’m sure the reappearing blossom can be explained botanically, meteorologically and through the laws of physics.  But I like to think that there was some magic involved.

To the night spirits, fairies, or Menehune who placed the blossom outside my window every night while I slept:  Thank you!  It was a lovely thing to wake up to every morning.



  1. Nice picture………

  2. Lovely meditative reflection on a daily gift. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Antarabesque.

      I can’t help feeling that the “gifts” are all around us, every day…all we have to do is NOTICE. 🙂

      RPRT Photo

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