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mo'omomi morning

A long exposure allows the jagged rocks to be outlined by the smooth white surf.  I like the contrasts in this image:  soft vs hard, light vs dark, still vs moving.  I also like the fact that there’s no signs of humans.  This area is really an ancient landscape, containing petrified dunes and fossils of extinct creatures.  Swept by strong winds and pounded by large surf, the coastline has been sculpted over millions of  years into its present state.  This is land that should  be visited with reverence.  It was an honor to get to shoot here and to experience the magic and mystery of a unique place that hosts very few visitors.



  1. Gorgeous image (and I was really glad to see that a higher resolution view was available when I clicked on the photo). Your framing was wonderful. It’s one thing to have all of the elements present for such a beautiful shot, but it takes a lot of skill to arrange them in the viewfinder to create such a stunning shot.

    • Thanks Mike,

      It’s a challenge to make a good composition under normal circumstances, but working in semi-darkness on the edge of a sea cliff adds another level of complexity! 😉

      I did make an effort to “arrange” the rocks in a pleasing composition, and I’m glad that comes through in the image.

      You have the discerning eye of a great photographer…or at least a great photo critic! 😉

      RPRT Photo

  2. For all those reasons, I really it too. Wish I could be there now.

    • Hey Lyle,

      I think you’d like it here, though there isn’t much (visible) wildlife for you to stalk…er, photograph. 😉

      Some birds, an occasional green turtle, perhaps dolphins or whales, and if you’re really lucky, a monk seal might haul out.

      But stunning scenery and a truly primal landscape are guaranteed! 🙂

      RPRT Photo

  3. stunning image!

  4. Magnificent!

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