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abandoned house

Once upon a time–that time being about 40 years ago–a family lived in this house.  Now it’s being reclaimed by the jungle, and in 40 more years there will probably be little left on this site to show that it was once inhabited.  Untreated wood doesn’t last long in this climate, and as you can see, most of the paint has already weathered from the walls.

What does survive in this climate is rock.  Historically recent cement foundations, and much older lava rock foundations, are what remain after the rest of the structure disintegrates.

One day in the future, someone may walk along the road and notice a moss- and lichen-covered lava rock wall, almost completely camouflaged by vines and small trees.  And if they look past that wall with a keen eye, they may notice the remains of a house, perhaps some broken glass or a pile of rotten timbers or a few banged up metal pots, and realize that a family called this piece of land home…once upon a time.


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