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Sea Cliffs 2

There are cliffs and there are CLIFFS.  These fall into the latter category:  tall, steep, and dramatic, especially by the low light of the setting sun.  Unless you’re standing right on the edge of the cliff, the only sound you hear is the wind.  It easily drowns out the faint roar of the surf far below.

This is a landscape both barren and beautiful.  The grasslands above are broken up by the occasional low bush–the “cliffhanger” on the far left of the image–or widely scattered groves of small trees.  Not much else can withstand the almost constant wind.  No life was visible on the surface of the ocean this afternoon, although I imagine this would be a great vantage point from which to spot whales or dolphins.

To me, it is precisely the starkness of this landscape that makes it beautiful.  The meeting of land and sea is abrupt:  one suddenly ends and the other begins, without the gentle transition of beach or marsh.

This is a place where you can simultaneously lose and find yourself.



  1. Nice shot!

    • Thanks Alex. 🙂

      Looks like you were on a much more accessible beach recently…I’m envious! 😉

      RPRT Photo

      • You are welcome! Yes! I found myself really lucky!

  2. Beautiful!

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