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fence posts

Two fenceposts, different from all the others, snuck out of line for a clandestine meeting.  Like humans, the nonconformists always manage to find each other in a crowd.  Older, more weathered and lichen-covered, they have seen things the younger and straighter fence posts only dreamed about.  Fierce storms tested their strength and built their character back when they were trees.  They bent with the wind, but never broke.  A rancher saw the strength these twisted trunks possessed.  He cut them down and fashioned them into fenceposts many years ago.

Time passed.  The rancher made some money.  He was able to afford pre-milled fence posts, each one alike.  Over time, the curved and aged posts were replaced with straight pieces of wood sawn from a larger tree.  Each new post was identical in length and diameter. Eventually, only two of the old-timers remained.

You may keep your new, straight fence posts.  I much prefer the older, twisted variety.



  1. Great post (no pun intended) and image. This is a good comparison between the old and the new. Old Guys Rule!

    • Hey Dave,

      I’m glad you like the post post. 😉

      Old guys–and gals–rule. I too am like an old fence post: physically weathered and mentally twisted! 😛

      RPRT Photo

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