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Orange Hibiscus 2

I was sitting next to this stunning flower and noticed the thinnest strands of spider web among its leaves.  I wondered if this is how the spider viewed his/her home.  Probably not, since I would imagine their eyes are quite different from ours.  So perhaps this post should be subtitled “If Spiders Had Human Eyes.”

In any case, I just love the vibrant orange of the flower petals, and the beautiful way they contrast with the bright green of the leaves and the pale blue of the water and the sky.  I also loved the fact that this was a very tall plant, so I didn’t have to crawl on my belly in the wet grass in order to get this shot.

The next time you photograph flowers, see if you can get a different perspective…perhaps that of a spider?



  1. I really like this perspective and this shot. The colors and composition are wonderful.

    • Thanks Mike.

      It’s a fun, happy image. I’m glad you like it. 🙂

      RPRT Photo

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