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Shooting waves, in some respects, isn’t that different from shooting wildlife:  they’re both beautiful, they can both move quickly, and there is (if you’re lucky) that one perfect moment when the gesture happens and hopefully you manage to capture it.

I can shoot waves all day.  Like a snowflake, each one is different.  Each one is beautiful.  Each one has a perfection that is very short-lived.  The snowflake melts or freezes to another, the wave breaks and crashes on the sand or the rocks.  What was is no longer.  Did you see?  Did you notice?

A strong offshore wind blew the top of this wave into the air and made it look like it was dancing.  The photographer captured the image and also did a little dance of delight, albeit nowhere near as graceful as the wave’s!  Fortunately the second dance was NOT documented (as far as we know)…



  1. This is one gorgeous shot! I love shooting waves too. Can be very meditative, yet the most exciting ride one can have behind the lens.

    • Thanks Gail.

      I agree that shooting waves can be both meditative and exciting. Shooting lava is that way as well. Perhaps that’s one reason I love shooting in Hawai’i so much…

      RPRT Photo

  2. Beautiful shot. I never thot of the comparison to wildlife but that makes perfect sense.

    • Thank you, Lyle.

      You probably shoot far more wildlife than waves, but it’s an apt analogy, isn’t it? 🙂

      RPRT Photo

      • I do shoot more wildlife but have done just enough waves to understand.

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