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woman in window

I was walking past this woman’s house in Vinales, Cuba one morning, and I was struck by the beautiful patterns that the irregular pieces of wood siding made.  The woman agreed to be photographed, but she never smiled.  She just stood in the window and stared out the entire time I shot.

I started at the far side of the house, and shot her from the left, the front, and the right as I walked perhaps 40′ in all, and took almost 20 images.  Since I was using a 28-200 mm zoom lens, I was able to adjust for the varying distances from my subject, and still make images that were well-composed and needed minimal if any cropping.  This image was shot at 200 mm.

I like the simplicity of this composition, and also that it’s chock full of texture, from the brittle, dry straw roof to the unusual siding patterns to the smooth leaves in the foreground.  Even her soft, worn and faded clothing has a definite texture, as does her beautifully aged and wrinkled skin.

Finally, I love the incongruity of all her silver jewelry.

Texture adds another level of interest to a good image.



  1. is sweet image…

    • Thanks, Vento.

      I like this image too. The subject never smiled, though, which made me wonder what was going on in her life. Her sadness, pensiveness and melancholy is conveyed in the way she’s looking out the window.

      RPRT Photo

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