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These are some of the animals that are kept on the small farms in the Vinales region of Cuba.  I saw very few turkeys, and I think this is the only turkey image I got.  Ironically, this is a better turkey image than anything I’ve been able to get in the states.  Clearly I need to give up on chasing wild turkeys through the fields and woods, and just shoot the ones at the farms.


There are tons of pigs in Cuba.  If  someone’s raising an animal for meat, chances are it’s a pig.  The pork in Cuba is delicious!  One of the tastiest treats I enjoyed during my visit was a pork sandwich from a street vendor in Trinidad.  It was small, like a slider, but the pork was juicy and tender, and it was served on a small bun with a slice of tomato, some shredded cabbage, and a dash of vinegar.  Sadly, I didn’t get a shot of the sandwich because I ate it too fast!  You have to settle for an image of “pork on the hoof,” as it were.

I also saw the occasional duck.  The one below is part Muscovy.  They interbreed with other duck species and you can get some interesting-looking birds.  The eyes on this one were a striking blue.  Not all Muscovies are this attractive!



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