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These two bulls belong to the gentleman who was featured in the last two days’ posts.  They stood and waited patiently while their owner had his photo op.  These are Brahman bulls, which are often used in tropical climates since they can withstand the heat and humidity better than other breeds.  Thus they’re perfectly suited for Cuba!  I saw a lot of these critters, pulling wagons on the roads and plows in the fields.  They don’t move quickly, but they have a lot of stamina.  Some of these bulls can weigh over a ton!



  1. Hmm – that makes them the opposite of me in every category. Fine-looking animals.

    • Well Lyle, I hope you don’t weigh a ton, though that could partly explain your aversion to ice-fishing…

      Just kidding. I’ve seen your photo. You’re at least as handsome as a bull, even without the nose ring! 😉

      RPRT Photo

  2. Beautiful shot (and thanks for the flashback to my childhood with the song title).

    • Hi Mike,

      Glad you like the image…

      Childhood? Oh dear, I was in college when “Some Girls” was released. Back in the days of vinyl records…now there’s a flashback!

      I feel so OLD…

      RPRT Photo

      • Actually I had just graduated from college by then (but nowadays I consider those days to be my childhood).

      • Ha, I was “merely” a freshman in college. I think I wore out the grooves in that record…

        Here’s to an extened “childhood!” 😉

        RPRT Photo

  3. What a beautiful image! Blessings, Robyn

    • Thanks Robyn,

      They’re imposing animals, to be sure. Especially up close!

      RPRT Photo

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